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June 17, 2009


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Elizabeth @ Capital Spice

Love it. For my 3-0 I vowed to purchase a pair of super sexy Christian Louboutin pumps. Alas, I still haven't found a pair I love enough to make the purchase.

Nana Banana

M-I'm proud I could do my part to put this country back on the path to wanton spending.


Dude, now I'm doing some research to start planning what my completely indulgent self-birthday gift for the big 3-0 will be.

Nana Banana

MMorgan-well, i DID just hear that it's actually cheaper to buy the bag at the Chanel store in Paris (at least at the current exchange rate) because you can deduct all the VAT when you leave (i.e. several hundred euros). Soooooooooooo, i was toying with combining a trip AND the bag purchase. Because, you know, i'm currently writing this from my massive pool of money.

Nana Banana

Amber - i will not pretend to veil my intense jealousy-verging-on-hatred ;) nor will i pretend that a bag could really do anything for my elegance factor [she says as she dribbles coffee down her wrinkled dress] hopeless kids, hopeless.


Does it cost less if the scary lady doesn't lick it?


I recommend a weeklong 30th Birthday trip to Italy! A stamp in my passport is gift enough any day...but I may have done a little shopping while I was over there.


Believe me, carrying around a 2.55 will make you feel fantastic. I should know, I steal my grandmother's whenever I get the chance. Hahaha.
That has always been my highest esteem of fashion, to own my own Chanel signature handbag. So I wish you luck in your pursuit of elegance.


I'm an independent woman and all, but I'm happy to accept the Cape Cod Double Tour as a gift.

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